The Performance Specialist

She is a South Florida based personal trainer. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise and Sports Science from Nova Southeastern University. She has developed a reputation in her field as a top trainer. She stays client focused by creating personalized training sessions to suit each client’s desired fitness goal. Her extensive knowledge of fitness is not only gained from her education and experience training others, but from also being trained as an athlete for most of her life. She played soccer throughout her youth and in college. She increased her speed in high school while running track to an impressive personal best of 12.73 seconds in the 100 meter. She believes that, when it comes to good health, it is important that we incorporate a variety of exercises and activities in our workout regimen. A successful long term workout regimen will include exercises and activities that incorporate various ranges of movement from many categories including: flexibility, strength, endurance, speed, plyometrics, power, and agility. In her words: “I love to consider myself a change agent, someone who has the opportunity to change someone’s life by listening, learning, and teaching them what I know.”

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