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The Perceptive Influencer

She is an Oklahoma based marketing specialist. She earned her Bachelor of Business Administration degrees in Marketing and Finance from Jackson State University. Her objective is to authentically serve individuals by ensuring that each individual has information and access to what he or she desires at any given time. She accomplishes this goal by using the observation and insight gained from monitoring variances and identifying trends. She wants to connect each individual to the right products, services, and ideas. She believes that marketing can be used to impact health in a negative or positive way. Having the right tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle enables a person to naturally and confidently boosts his or her emotional, mental, and physical health. On the other hand, messages meant to increase consumption of unhealthy foods, to introduce harmful diet pills, to legitimize unregulated supplements, or to push crash diet methods are some examples of the ways in which marketing can be used to negatively impact health. Her goal is to shift those trends and messages of negativity by appealing to the individual’s core values and desire to improve in a healthy and meaningful manner. To her: “There is exponential value in practicing healthy habits because practicing healthy habits allows you to create a routine for healthy living which leads to, among other things, a longer lifespan, stronger bones, stronger joints, and a sharper mental capacity.”

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