Yolanda_headshot 385 x 331

The Chef Extraordinaire

She is a Palm Beach County based chef. She earned her Culinary Arts degree in 2004 and has been making delightful dishes ever since. She is a personal chef, a caterer, and an avid baker. With over 14 years of experience as a masterful chef, she has created a variety of tantalizing dishes and she has baked and decorated items that have marveled even the most unexcitable individuals. She became a chef because she enjoys food and she is fascinated by its unfathomable ability to impact the lives of every single living thing on this planet. She believes that, through food, a person is exposed to a variety of cultures – one bite propels an untraveled soul into the adventures of a world traveler. She is a professional chef who has mastered the art of eliciting pleasure and satisfaction from every bite of her delicious creations. The journey of Life inevitably involves the journeys of Health and Food. A quality and adventurous life cannot exist without healthy and high quality fresh foods. She has grown some of the best produce in her own garden; these homegrown produces include: strawberries, bell peppers, hot pepper, bananas, tomatoes, green beans, avocados, pineapples, and jackfruit. To her: "Food is like a romance; it makes life worth living. It stimulates both the mind and body - gets us excited and brings joy. As a chef, I know that quality, fresh foods not only pack more flavor, but also provide a great deal more nutritional value for good health and a better quality of life."

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