Stronger Together is our founding principle.
This website offers information and resources to assist in the pursuit of health.

We believe that the journey to health is more successful within a community.

Health Affixed: A health hub and store.

It is no secret that good health is the key to a longer and more fulfilling life. Health Affixed is a community based approach to health. We acknowledge that each individual lives in at least two communities: cultural and professional. Our mission is to connect people on a journey to health to others on a journey to health by creating access to multiple communities so that each of us within our communities can lean on each other and learn from each other to succeed in creating and sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Likewise, we pride ourselves on providing an opportunity for outsiders to experience a community that they may not otherwise have the opportunity to experience. is the means to furthering our mission. On this website, you can explore the pages of information about our team, our brands, and health related articles, recipes, and interviews. We are here to assist those on a journey to health by providing the resources to help them succeed – support, information, guidance, encouragement, and community.

We believe that our individual stories, lessons, experiences, and insight can enrich those around us and society at large. Society’s success depends on each individual connecting with others and passing on nuggets of information so that others may avoid certain pitfalls or garner strength to overcome obstacles.

Stronger together is our founding principle because we believe that it is much easier to overcome moments of weakness with someone in your corner.

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